Baptism Guidelines

Baptism is a Sacrament ordained by Christ. It can only be received once, but its effects are everlasting. It is not something we “do” as a tradition or right of passage. It should be something that we participate in as a response spiritually to grace that God has given to us.

The United Methodist Church baptizes people of all ages. It is an event that is to be celebrated and shared by family, sponsors, and the whole church community. It is in baptism that we are initiated into the life of Christ’s church. As such it is expected that those participating are and will be active in the life of the church.In the case of a child being baptized, at least one parent/guardian is to be a member of a Christian church.

You are encouraged to make all arrangements through the church office and with the pastor. These include selecting a date for the baptism and a time to meet with the pastor prior to the baptism. During the time with the pastor, you will discuss baptism, its meaning and traditions. The actual sacrament, which is part of our worship service, will also be discussed and explained. Your date for the baptism will not be confirmed until you meet with the pastor.

If you have any questions regarding the baptism you are encouraged to speak with the pastor and/or schedule a time to meet.

Building Use

Our facilities are available for a variety of events. We can accommodate a large event in our fellowship hall or gym. We also have several smaller rooms that can be used for classes or a meeting. Please fill out an application for use of church facilities and return to the church office so we may schedule your event. There may be a fee associated with use.