Prayer Shawl Ministry

Tangible evidence of the love and prayers of our congregation

Pray without ceasing.     I Thessalonians 5:17                                                       

“Do not doubt the power of prayer that is present in your shawl.  So much has been written about the power of prayer to heal and transform, but there is so much we don’t yet understand.  Studies continue to tell us that groups of patients for whom people pray recover faster and with fewer complications than the control groups for whom no one is praying.  Scientists say that the data is both compelling and inexplicable.  I pray that you are able to fall into trust, to open yourself to the power of the prayers with which you are enfolded each time you reach for your shawl.”  

                                                                                Susan Jorgenson

                     Co-author “Knitting into the Mystery”  A guide to the shawl-knitting ministry


“Throughout history prayer has had the power to unite as well as separate.  It has been misused countless times by the world’s religions to sustain war and sanctify bloodshed.  At this time in our human history perhaps as never before because of the proliferation of so many weapons of mass destruction, we need to lean into the unifying power of prayer.”                        

                                                                     Victoria  A. Cole-Galo

                                                             Co-f0under of the shawl ministry

For she said “If I touch even his garments, I shall be made well.”         Mark 5:28

Next  meeting  7 pm Thursday,  June 23,  2016.

If you have a passion for people and knit or crochet, join us; if your skills need sharpened, or you would like to learn the simple patterns that we use; join us.  You do not need to be a member of Epworth UMC to participate in this ministry, nor are you required to attend all meetings. Call the church office if you are interested.