Epworth Gets a New Furnace

During late September Epworth had a new air conditioning unit and furnace installed. As part of the New Jersey energy program, Direct Install, we qualified for these new units and also to have all light bulbs replaced in the building. Under this program the state pays 70% of the cost and the church was responsible for the remaining 30% or approximately $20,000.

Normally a church would need to run a capital fundraising drive to raise the necessary monies to afford such a project. Epworth has been blessed with inpiduals who have foreseen such a need as this and created endowments. With sincere gratitude we thank Planned Giving for stepping forward to fund this project which will benefit the church for years to come.

This is the power of the Planned Giving program. Endowments created by various inpiduals ensure that as needs arise in the future Epworth will have the necessary funds to respond. In the case of this state program, the future is now. You are encouraged to consider beginning an endowment today. There are no minimums required to start a new fund and you can always contribute to one that is already in existence. Our Planned Giving Committee, Jean Cook, Carol Fenton, Marilyn Bilotti, Debbie Mason and Neil Sellars, are available to answer your questions or offer more information.

Thanks again to those who have supported our endowment program and to our Planned Giving Team.