Family Ministries Take Flight

Over the past few weeks, a group has gathered to discuss and organize our family ministry program. There is a consensus of all of us that expanding our family programming is an important aspect of church vitality and future growth.

Several new programs are being planned for our families and be intergenerational activities. These include Second Saturday Social which will be an event of fellowship meant for the entire congregation can participate. On April 8 The Great Surprise of Easter will take place and be an alternative to the typical Easter Egg Hunt. On May 13, a “game show” type fun event will be held involving our kids, parents and grandparents. This is sure to be a night filled with some laughs and insights.

We will also be holding Friday Night Sports events. In the past we have held hockey nights. Going forward we will be playing kickball, have picnic nights at Riverton Park where we can play soccer, Wiffle ball and other sports. We welcome those of all ages to join in the fun.

An effort is being made to create a Family Activity Center on the second floor. The main room offers several activities such ping pong, air hockey, foosball bumper pool and a pool table. There is a sitting area for conversation and can accommodate showing a movie. The open floor space allows us to have some active games as well. Our hope is that this area can be a home for many of our future family activities. If you haven’t been upstairs lately you might want to check it out.

Additionally, we will be participating in Palmyra Days on May 6 and possibly the July 4th parade. Each of these events bring Epworth out into the community and all that is happening here.

There are also plans for a church retreat in late September or early October.  More information will become available as we get closer to the date.

We are appreciative of those who are stepping forward to be part of the Family Ministry Team. Currently Tina Weiler, Sandy Grimes and Charlie Soper are leading the team and welcome your participation, input and ideas.