Planned Giving & Memorial Committee

We Remember…

Bill Bauer who was along time member here at Epworth. Bill was the mechanical genius behind our heating and air conditioning systems. Today you can still see his notes attached to many of our thermostats. Together with his wife Emily they taught Sunday School. including a parenting class they many attended who have adult children today. Bill was always interested in sailing and biking. Photography was also a hobby of Bill’s and in his later years he continued to take pictures of his fellow residents at Evergreens and printed the pictures as gifts. Bill was a pillar of Epworth and is surely missed.

It is important that we remember those who have been part of our faith journey both individually or here at Epworth. Is there someone you wish to be remembered? The Memorial Endowment Plaque offers the opportunity to keep the memory of those special people before us while knowing that the gift of $100 ensures the future ministry of Epworth. Contact Jean Cook, Pastor Charlie or the church office for more information.


As you give thanks this year for all that God has provided for you and your family, stop and think how much you also mean to our church community. Without your volunteering, without your financial support, without your leadership, this community would be so much the poorer. It would also be a generous and supportive gesture for you to leave something from your estate to the Epworth Planned Giving program. Future generations, although they may not have had the privilege of knowing you as we know you, will feel blessed by and appreciative of the generous person you are as they benefit from the funds generated from your endowment gift. As you are thankful today, they will be thankful to you in their turn. For more information about Epworth’s Planned Giving program, contact Jean Cook, Marilyn Bilotti, Carol Fenton, Debbie Mason or Neil Sellars.