Congregational Care Team

Congregational care teamEpworth is launching an intentional ministry of caring and visitation; a concept older than our Christian faith, personified in the life and teachings of Jesus, the Christ. As you have freely received, freely give.

Jesus’ spirit of compassion and care is the model for Congregational Care.  The purpose of this ministry is simply to convey Christian love by welcoming new members beyond Sunday morning greetings in our building; by remembering special events such as holidays, birthdays, death, marriage, birth, illness in the lives of shut-ins beyond notice in the Sunday bulletin and the monthly newsletter – a personal touch; by sharing communion with members who cannot join us before the altar; by brief monthly visits or phone calls to members confined to their homes or in nursing homes.

Please consider joining your brothers and sisters in Christ in conveying the love and care and prayers of our congregation. Contact the church office or the pastor if you wish to participate.

We welcome notice of need of this ministry. Please do not rely on our pastor or staff to second-guess the needs and concerns of our Epworth family and do not presume that someone else has surely told us of the need. Better to be told often than not to be told at all.  Call or drop a note.

Paraphrasing Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25:35-45,

“I tell you the truth, even as you have loved, comforted and cared for; laughed and cried with the least of my brothers and sisters, you have loved me. When you have neglected my brothers and sisters, you have neglected me.”

Pray for one another,  and pray for this ministry.