Easter Letter

Easter 2015

As I write this letter to you, there is still some snow left on the ground. It is quite chilly for this time of year. It would be easy to become discouraged as winter refuses to loosen its grip. The promise of spring that often is all around us as we approach Easter,              seemingly remains a hope for the coming weeks but not today.

The challenge is to find those signs of spring renewal that are all around us though sometimes obscured. To this end I went out and walked around the yard and sure enough the new life of spring was there just waiting to be discovered. Daffodils were rising from the cold ground. Crocuses were reaching beyond the snow to soak in the warming sun. New green growth could be witnessed throughout our flower garden in the midst of the old dried stalks.

It is in another garden so long ago that the women discovered new life in the midst of tombs. The signs were there to be discovered; empty burial cloths in the vacant tomb. All that was promised by Jesus was coming true. He experienced resurrection, new life.

Easter calls us to celebrate the fact that the light of Christ has come into the darkness of our world, providing us with hope for a future greater than we dare believe.  It challenges us to seek a kind of living that goes beyond the expectation of this earth.  All our hopes and happiness of new life comes from Christ’s resurrection.  It announces that love is present in the world and is more powerful than the evil any individual can carry out.  The good news is that in all the dark and despairing moments of war, terror, persecution, suffering and death, the possibility of resurrection exists because no defeat is final, and no life is written off as hopeless. It is Christ that gives us the victory!

Together, with Diane, we pray God’s blessings for each of you and that this Day of Resurrection will be rich in meaning for you as we rejoice in our risen Lord!

Peace and grace in the risen Christ,


Pastor Charlie Soper

Epworth United Methodist Church

Join us for times of worship and remembrance…

  •  Service of Communion and Tenebrae at Epworth UMC ~ Thur., April 2 at 7:00pm 
  • Good Friday Service at Epworth UMC ~ Fri., April 3 at noon
  • Sunrise Easter Service at Lakewood Cemetery, Cinnaminson ~ Sun., April 5 at 6:30am        
  • Easter Worship Service at Epworth UMC ~ Sun., April 5 at 10:00am