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Fill out an Emergency Card form and we will use it to create a card for you to have. the card will include important information in the time of an emergency especially if you are unable to communicate with first responders. Our hope is that all of our church family will take a moment to be safer!

Greetings to each of you:

Greetings to each of you:   Thanks be to God for finally a change from the dreary weather we have had.  As I write this we are expecting a string of 80 degree days, which I am eagerly awaiting.  May each of you enjoy life to the fullest in the weeks to come!

“Thank you for coming that we may have life, and have it to the full.”   John 10:110

Let’s look at how we can “Make it a “Safe Kids Summer!”  so they can also enjoy “life to the full”.


  • always watch your children when they are playing in or near the water.
  • install fencing around all sides of a home pool or spa.   The fencing should be at least five feet high and have self-closing and self-latching gates.
  • always wear a life jacket when on a boat, near open bodies of water or when taking part in water sports.
  • make sure the life jacket fits properly.
  • teach your children to swim after age 4.
  • never dive into water that is less than nine feet deep.


  • make sure your child wears a helmet and other protective gear every time he or she bikes, skates or rides a scooter
  • make sure the helmet fits snugly and does not rock back and forth.   It should be centered on top of the head and always strapped and buckled.
  • don’t allow your child to ride a bike that is too big for him or her.
  • make sure your child’s bike is in good working order
  • if your child is under 10, make sure he or she cycles, rides a scooter or skates only on sidewalks, paths or other designated areas
  • teach your child the rules of the road, including all traffic laws


  • keep chairs, cribs and other furniture away from windows, and put window guards in all rooms above the first floor
  • teach children not to play on balconies, roofs, driveways, streets or parking lots
  • always watch children when they play on a playground
  • look for a playground that has several inches of shredded rubber, hardwood mulch or fine sand below the equipment


  • make sure children younger than 10 cross the street with an adult
  • teach children to cross the street at a corner
  • make sure children use crosswalks whenever possible and obey traffic signals
  • teach children to look left, right and left again when crossing a street and to continue looking for cars as they cross
  • dress children in clothing with reflective materials and teach them to carry a flashlight when it’s dark or dim outside


  • properly restrain children younger than 13 in a back seat on every ride
  • read the instructions that come with your car seat
  • have infants ride in rear-facing car seats as long as possible and at least until they are 12 months old and weigh 20 pounds
  • if your child is at least 1 year old and weighs between 20 and 40 pounds secure him or her in a forward-facing car seat.
  • if your child weighs over 40 pounds, secure him or her in a booster seat using a lap and shoulder belt
  • if your child is at least 4 feet 9 inches tall, he or she can use an adult lap-and-shoulder belt
  • walk all the way around a parked vehicle to check for children before getting into the car and starting the motor
  • make sure everyone in your vehicle buckles up for every ride!

Enjoy your summer!

If you want further information on this topic please contact me, Reva Luce, your Parish Nurse @