Planned Giving

Honor a Loved One

If you are thinking about a way to honor the life of a cherished member of the Epworth congregation who has passed away, take a moment to consider another alternative to the Epworth Memorial program: a contribution in their memory to our Planned Giving program.

Contributions can be made in amounts starting at $25

Not only will your contribution serve as an ongoing memorial to your fiend or loved one, but by participating in our Planned Giving program, you will also aid in the long-term life and growth of Epworth. Your memorial will be included in our endowment portfolio which is prudently invested for principal growth and interest income.

Giving Options

It is important that you designate your contribution for the “Epworth Living Trust.” We also ask that you specify the particular area of the church’s mission that you wish to benefit with this memorial.

General Endowment

general needs identified by the Church

Building Endowment

Support improvements to the Epworth property


New Endowment

Choose to start a new endowment benefitting a particular area in the life of the church that your loved one held dear

Memorial Fund

You also have the option to contribute to the church’s Memorial Fund. The memorial may be used to help fund a ministry or make a purchase to remember your loved one. Both plans are a thoughtful way to honor the memory of a friend or loved one. If you have questions, please speak with a member of the Planned Giving Committee: Jean Cook, Marilyn Bilotti, Carol Fenton, Debbie Mason, Neil Sellars.