Prayer Shawl Ministry

” … everyone who had . . yarn or fine linen or goats’ hair .. brought them and all the skilled women spun cloth with their hands, and . . brought it as a spontaneous gift to the Lord” Exodus 35:23,25CEB

Hands. Just appendages at the end of arms, often working without appreciation? – doers of mundane tasks or communicators of thoughts and feelings?

Hands. Gifts from our Creator, wondrously made; 19 bones connected by tendons and muscles, nourished by blood vessels, set in motion by the computer that is our brain.

Hands. Instruments of love, creators of beauty, communicators of comfort, peace, joy, and prayer. Blessings be on hands dedicated to this sacred ministry and special times of communion with
God. ‘

” … in such a time where it is hard to think people care, this simple gesture shows they really do care and good people do exist. The shawl brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. Thank you all for your thoughtful prayers and warm wishes. God bless you.” EE

“Most members of the church don’t even know our daughter and yet they all prayed for her recovery. We are so moved by this powerful act of kindness and faith in the human spirit. Thank you all so much.” BE

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 26th. Join us or stop in for a visit

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