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Bible Studies

Cokesbury's Adult Bible Studies

Cokesbury's Adult Bible Studies

Based on Cokesbury’s Adult Bible Studies series, this class explores the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life. Each week will look at the New Testament through the lens of community; its birth, development, and growing pains as found in the Gospels, Acts, and the Epistles.

  • Sunday, 8:30am to 10am
  • Location: Pastor’s Office
  • Leaders:  Reva Luce, Dale Neas
Verse by Verse Bible Study

Verse by Verse Bible Study

This Bible Study is focused on a verse by verse commentary on a book of the Bible. The inspired scripture leads us to glorify God through His creation; His providing for our Salvation by His Son’s sacrifice on the Cross; His continued presence through the Holy Spirit; and our serving Him now, in His future renewal of the Earth in the Millennium, and for eternity in the new Heavens and Earth.

  • Sunday, 9am to 10am
  • Location: Library
  • Leader: Jeff & Sandy Hancock
Morning After Bible Study

Morning After Bible Study

Monday mornings at 10:30am you are invited to be part of the pastor’s Bible study that meets in his office. Covering a variety of subjects and scriptures there is always stimulating conversation. Stop by and be part of our time together as we go deeper in faith journey.

  • Monday, 10:30am
  • Location: Pastor’s Office
  • Leader: Charlie Soper

Walk to Emmaus

Do you long for a closer relationship with God? Do you need to jumpstart your spiritual journey? Consider attending the Walk to Emmaus to enrich your faith journey! No participant has ever regretted the time spent on the walk!
 Questions?, contact Bryan or Debbie Campion. There is no cost to the participant.