Hurricane Relief Efforts



The best way to help right now is by donating to the GNJ Sandy Relief Fund. The GNJAC has established the GNJ Sandy Relief Fund to help with the relief, recovery, rebuilding, and renewal of those affected by Superstorm Sandy, with a focus on the elderly and low-income residents as well as parsonages and church buildings.
Donate online at
Mail a check to:
GNJ Sandy Relief Fund
1001 Wickapecko Drive
Ocean, NJ 07712


Epworth is organizing monthly mission teams to head to the shore and help with the recovery efforts. We welcome anyone who has a desire to help out. We are looking for those who may have some skill in hanging drywall or other construction skills. If you interested in becoming part of an upcoming team please contact Ron Hack.


More about UMCOR’s relief efforts:

Nobody Has Scratched the Surface

October 31, 2012—The view of just one house in Hoboken, New Jersey, is a microcosm of the incomprehensible magnitude of Sandy’s aftermath.

The home, sitting in floodwaters that overwhelmed a fuel oil tank in the basement, is surrounded by thick, black sludge. Behind the garage, chemicals are seeping out of a flooded factory, forming a thin film on top of the muck.

Cleanup isn’t even on the minds of these homeowners, who have no power and hardly any access to communications. Survival is.

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Within Dark Devastation, Sparks of Hope

October 30, 2012—Entire coastal towns underwater. Millions without power. A paralyzed New York City. Damage that can’t even be tallied until the water recedes. Yet within the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, The United Methodist Church is offering sparks of hope.

Joseph Ewoodzie, disaster response coordinator for the New York Conference, was, by the hour, naming more and more communities with what he calls “major hits” by Hurricane Sandy. “Long Island has been devastated,” he said. “In Connecticut, Fairfield and Bridgeport were hit really hard. People are rowing boats down the streets.”

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Millions Fear Storm – But the Church Is There

October 30, 2012–As Hurricane Sandy bore down on millions of people, the United Methodist Church was already helping them prepare, respond, and cope with their fear.

From New England to the eastern seaboard, into the Midwest, storm evacuees were moving into shelters or hunkering down in their homes.

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UMCOR Reaches Out to Partners in Sandy’s Path

October 29, 2012—The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is reaching out to partners in the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Sandy there, while also bracing to respond to the storm’s expected catastrophic destruction yet to come in the US Northeast.

UMCOR Assistant General Secretary for US Disaster Response the Rev. Tom Hazelwood has been in contact with partners in Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, as well as in the Northeast Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church in the United States.

Both Hazelwood and US Disaster executive Cathy Earl cancelled scheduled travel plans this week, “So we can be available to the conferences and to our partners in the Caribbean,” Hazelwood said.

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