Do you long for a closer relationship with God? Do you need to jumpstart your spiritual journey? Consider attending the Walk to Emmaus to enrich your faith journey! No participant has ever regretted the time spent on the walk!
 Questions?, contact Bryan or Debbie Campion. There is no cost to the participant.

The dates for the 2016 Walks to Emmaus have been set.  The men’s walk will be September 22-25 and the women’s walk will be October 6-9.  Fourth day is to be deteremined.



The Garden State Walk to Emmaus is blessed to announce a new program, Face To Face, that will be held in the Spring of 2016.  It is designed for those over the age of 60 who may be physically unable to do the Walk to Emmaus weekend.

This encounter will be held at Beverly United Methodist Church.  It will be held over 4 Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  The dates scheduled are April 16, 23, 30 and May 7.  Lunch and refreshments will be served.  Please contact Debbie Campion for more information.



A Chrysalis Flight is designed to help young men and women in their Christian development and strengthen their faith in God and Jesus Christ.  The targeted age is 13 to 17 years old.

The Girls’ flight will take place April 21-24, 2016 and the Boys’ flight will be May 19-22, 2016.  The follow up day, called Next Steps is scheduled for June 4, 2016.

Registration is now open.  Please see Debbie or Bryan Campion for more information.